Sunday, March 15, 2009

Continuing on...

Over the past weekend work on the new module has picked up some pace, which is good considering Liralau's next scheduled outing is in three weeks!

The wooden crossing gates in the above photo are modified Peco gates which come in their Setrack range of accessories... at $18 these were rather expensive, but given time is rapidly running out, I figure that that investment is worth it in the long run.

The pub has been positioned and is in the process of being bedded into the scenery which is just starting to take shape. I purchased two LJ kits to fill in the main street, as unfortunatley I just wont have the time to scratchbuild two more buildings.

The road surfacing is complete and I am very impressed with the results - I used plaster to create the road surface and then sprayed it once it was dry and had been sanded with a mixture of 3 parts Floquil Weathered Black to 1 part Floquil Engine Black, before weathering it with a mixture of artists chalks.

The end result, has been one which suprised me, in a good way!

The streetlights have been made from dowel and some old 5mm LED's which I had fried while fitting out a locomotive with a DCC chip.
Next weekend, I intend to complete the scenery and wire the module.

Until then... happy modelling!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Work Continues...

Over the past week work has slowly continued with the new module.

The mainline has been partially laid - permanently as far as the level crossing, but the remainder of the mainline is pinned temporarily, until I have some time to construct the mounting bracket for the off-scene setup tracks.

The tramway permanent way was laid, using Atlas Code 100 flex, which was re-railed using N scale Code 80 rail, producing a far finer rail profile to be embedded in the road surface. The footpaths were made from 1.5mm Styrene sheet, and the road surface then filled using plaster, tinted with a few drops of Floquil Engine Black - just enough to get rid of the stark white appearance of plaster in its natural form. Unfortunately, I ran out of plaster, combined with unexpected visitors meant that the opportunity to get some more supplies was limited.

The pub has also received its signage, which means the pub only needs me to get around to painting the downpipes, TV antenna and conduits until its finished.

Also progressing slowly is my model of Vinelander sleeping car #14 - I finally got some Microscale Krystal Cleer which means the windows have finally been glazed and as I type this, I am waiting for the windows to dry!

Anyway, thats the extent of progress to date.

Happy Modelling!