Thursday, January 28, 2010

Update and AMRM

Another update - geeze, that makes it three updates in a month!!

By now many of you will have seen this months Australian Model Railway Magazine, which features Liralau as the feature layout - boy was I suprised when the edition turned up in the mail box - the layout looks great in the photos James' edited and used!

At any rate, work has been slowly continuing - efforts seem to be hampered by the hot weather at the moment, as at 37 degrees its simply too hot to be outside.

The loco depot modules have been merged with the new layout and the scenery added last weekend. This has seen these modules - which were starting to look quite tired; have a new lease of life. A new workshop building was knocked up and added to the back of the layout behind the fueling and sanding facilities to add some depth from the scene, which did look decidedly unfinished before.
Until next time, happy modelling.

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