Monday, July 5, 2010

Piccies of the layout - Post Rebuild

Beautifully built and weathered Steam Era Models J class J532 pulls up alongside the water column in Liralau platform. This loco was kindly leant to me by a member of CMRC for the duration of the show

Y131 passes Liralau signal box while shunting a rake of hoppers through the silos. This loco was fitted with sound, and was very kindly leant to me by one of the members of CMRC. Healesville March 2010

On display at the 2010 Adelaide Model Railway Exhibition

My scratchbuilt model of H220 'Heavy Harry' passes S312 near Liralau loco during one of our shake down running sessions prior to Healesville. March 2010.

All lit up and ready to roll - the night before being packed into the van for the trip to Healesville.

S312 and A73 leave Liralau with a pass for Melbourne.

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