Saturday, February 7, 2009

Finally some cool weather - the RBJ body receieves decals

Well the cool change finally arrived overnight, and as a result allowed me to get the paint and decals onto the RBJ body. The body is a multi-piece polyurethane casting, which I produced from styrene masters. Now I have to start on the underframe and interior, part of which is sitting on the bench next to me as I type this. The car is fitted with home made flush glazing - made from CD Cover styrene. This was an incredibly long and drawn out process, but was worth it in the long run. Blinds are simply pieces of masking tape.

The Vestibule detail - still waiting on handbrake, airlines etc

The non-servery side of the vehicle. The small white window at the non-vestibule end is the gents toilets.

The RBJ with the PCO and Nicks motorail wagon.

The servery side of the vehicle.

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