Thursday, February 5, 2009

Liralau on show - photos from the NRMI show Oct '08

The layout, with Pete Semmel carefully waiting for a cross of his Overland with the local freight.

Pete Semmel and the layout's Mascot "Bill" (named after Bill Lawry - for its proboscitis, or huge nose for those who don't follow the Billy Birmingham's Twelfth Man CD's)

Oops.... what happens when you are watching Bathurst and running a DCC layout - T375 and Y175 have come to grief at the Portland end of the layout.

Nick - Playing Trains

The October crew, after we took out "Best in Display - Peers Vote". L-R Pete Semmel, Ashleigh Bennett, Pete Michalak and Nick Michalak (with the trophy at the front).

X44 in the loop in Liralau yard.

Y175 shunting Liralau yard.

Ashleigh Bennett's 943 hauling Pete Semmels Overland out of the rear storage tracks.

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