Sunday, February 22, 2009

Liralau upgrade - the replacement module

After dropping the township module prior to the NMRI show in October, I decided to rebuild the township module - this time with the same dimensions as the previous 'new' corner module we built prior to the said show (the bridges module).

So that said, I scheduled a work session on Saturday 21st February, which saw Ashleigh Bennett and Graham Nixon arrive to give me a hand. Fortunately (or unfortunately??) we got the beers out while waiting for Ash to arrive, and as such got about as far as marking up a sheet of chipboard before sitting down with a couple more brews and having a good old chat about days gone by- and the quality of American railway DVD commentaries (after I spent 5 minutes trying to work out why the dvd player wouldn't open the disk tray - turns out I was pushing the on/off button hic!).

After Ash and Graham headed home, I actually did some work, and after a little extra work on Sunday afternoon, I had the basic module built - now waiting on a few bits and pieces before I can start on the scenery - track being a major material I had none of.

So hopefully over the next few weeks, this module will start to take shape.


  1. Peter,
    I like the concept of the tram and rail crossing. Do you plan to run the tram as well or will it be static. I look forward to more installments.
    Ps: how are the overland coaches coming along ( I like the RBJ )
    Keep up the good work
    Regards Wayne

  2. Wayne,

    The crossing will also be protected by wooden crossing gates, which I feel will certainly add to the scene and make it unmistakeably victorian!.

    The tram is purely static, though I may add lighting for the effect of a tram which has paused to drop a passenger or two.

    I simply can't warrant spending extra dollars on a mech for the tram to move about a foot! Plus, I think Sarah may possibly have stern words to me regarding the extra expense!

    The Overland cars are slowly progressing - I intend to start work on the master for the BJ shortly (once the module is complete), as I will only have to make one side (one of the RBJ masters are correct for the non-servery side).

    Cheers and happy modelling,